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Duty-free Shops in Arrivals Area to Open this Fall in Narita

By July 2, 2017 at 11:42 pm
Shop image
Shop image(Photo : Narita International Airport)

The Narita International Airport will be the first domestic airport to install duty-free shops in the arrivals area this fall. That is, the arriving passengers can count on buying duty-free goods on arrival at Narita than having to buy them at departure points.

The Narita International Airport Corporation anticipates the new arrangement should help boost sales of duty-free goods. Five such duty-free shops will open in the three terminals, two of which in Terminal 2 in early September with a total floor area of 100 square meters. 

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The shops will handle mostly foreign-made liquors and cigarettes off liquor and tobacco taxes of 10% to 30%, thanks to deregulation effective this year.

The Ministry of Finance formerly imposed taxes on tax-free goods linked directly to tax revenue targeting primarily outbound foreign tourists - hence such duty-free shops in the departures area past departure formalities.

In Singapore, Hong Kong and other foreign airports, such shops are often installed in the arrivals area to boost domestic consumption. The ministry introduced legislation to make way to follow suit.

The passengers can buy, including those purchased at departure points and in-flight, three bottles of liquor and 400 cigarettes - the rest taxable. 

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is reportedly studying a plan to install duty-free shops also at the Hanada Airpot and the Kansai Internation Airport both in the arrivals area.

A lady just returned from the US commented:

"When you are in a hurry at the departing airport,  you just don't have enough time for shopping. It's convenient if you can pick them on arrival, yes."
A young man in his twenties says:

"I often find it bothersome to shop on departure. Duty-free goods are the same wherever bought, so I find it convenient to buy them here in Japan."(Nathan Shiga) 

Source: NHK

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