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Shogi Progidy Fujii Stretches Winning Streak to 23

By June 12, 2017 at 11:35 pm

You recall our past episodes "14-Year-Old Shogi Prodigy Outplayed 62 Years Older Veteran" and "Rising Shogi Prodigy Fujii Trounced Grandmaster Habu", and now for the third time I am tempted to report on this miraculous shogi (Japanese chess) player of mere 14 years of age who reminds me of the dramatic entry of Bobby Fischer into the stage of the world of chess.

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The prodigy Sota Fujii, a third grader at the elementary school, debuted professional last February and won all the three matches in a row June 7 to stretch his winning streak to 23 - good enough to place him third in the history of Shogi in such a winning streak.

On June 7, Fujii took the first two matches in a row and faced Hiroshi Miyamoto 5-dan - a dam above him. Fujii played steady throughout out and forced Miyamoto to resign at 141.

According to the Japan Shogi Association, Hiroshi Kamiya 8-dan reigns atop in the winning streak with 28 straight wins marked 30 years ago in 1987. Fujii with 23 wins ranks above the Triple-Crown Master Yoshiharu Habu commented after the match:

"I have concentrated in every match so far and am really amazed myself how I've come this far. I pledge to work harder and win more."

Commenting on Fujii's feat, Master Yoshiharu Habu who now trails him by a win said:

"Well, he has come this far and why not challenge Kamiya 8-dan!"

Sota Fujii has more matches scheduled to possibly pile up more wins and to reach the crucial 28th "win" within this month - possibly by June 21. His immediate two contests are slated for June 10 to hopefully stretch his record to 25. (Nathan Shiga) 

Source: NHK

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