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EMS Targeting Women Coming Mid-July

By July 13, 2017 at 2:12 am
Elecom's HCT-P01BU1
Elecom's HCT-P01BU1(Photo : Elecom)

Elecom, leading electrical equipment manufacturer, is introducing a unique EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device named Eclear Lean mid-July targeting women in muscle training.

Elecom's  President Junji Hada says his company is trying to activate its healthcare leg as one of the locomotives to boost its business. Eclear Lean is capable of stimulating the abdomen and upper arm each in the most appropriate frequencies.

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Conventional muscle stimulators mostly work on fast muscles to build them whereas Eclear Lean stimulates slow muscles the way women train them in aerobic exercises. Makoto Iwai, the leader of Elecom's healthcare advice team,  elaborates:

"Women benefit from stimulating slow muscles to retain fine, compact muscles.

"Not every muscle stimulator is frequency-adjustable and fewer targeting women. Every one of us carries different levels of fat, and it's essential to have a device that satisfies all of us."

It has taken Elecom a full one year to complete a cycle of research/development of Eclear Lean. The equipment is programmed to electrically stimulate slow muscles at the rate of 20-30 times per second applying stimulation of different frequencies in various parts of the body - 5000 hertz in the abdomen、2000 hertz upper arm, etc. The device operates cordlessly.

Elecom plans to market Eclear Lean at jumble shops frequented by women and also at general electronics retail stores. It comes in two types, priced 8305 yen and 15250 yen, respectively.

The company is thus actively promoting its healthcare division. Though merely several percents as yet, the company is fast expanding its business from the convention PC and smartphone-related merchandise into healthcare sector through developing/marketing low-frequency equipment, says President Hada. (Nathan Shiga) 

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