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Honda's Sportbike Series CBR1000RR Up for Total Renewal

By June 16, 2017 at 1:34 am
Honda CBR1000RR
Honda CBR1000RR

Honda remodeled its top sportbike BR1000 RR series this spring for the first time in nine years, succeeding in mass production of a light Titan-made fuel tank for the first time in the world in Kumamoto where the aftereffects of the earthquake remain everywhere.

Its Kumamoto Factory did the designing, production, purchases, and marketing - in fact, the factory was responsible for the entire process of manufacturing the new titan-based model of Honda's most popular sportbikes.

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The new CBR1000RR SP sportbike features more engine output and an electronic control system that automatically assists accelerator operations. Researcher Masatoshi Sato of Honda R & D, Co. Ltd., responsible for the R/D of the CBR1000RR series project, boasts:

"You will see the difference the moment you start it up and as you turn at an intersection."

The top model CBR1000RR SP is outstanding as it weighs mere 195 kg - 16 kg lighter than the previous generation. Large sportbikes generally weigh 200 kg or thereabouts, and the Honda team had had a concept in advance to shave off extra weight to help attract more drivers regardless of age and gender, as Sato puts it.

The researchers checked every part - wheel, battery, braking system, etc.  that constitute the bike to shave off extra weight from. The fuel tank, in particular, is the crucial point of research. The Titan fuel tank is the world's first ever to mount a production vehicle.

Researcher Sato said they had Titan in mind from the start. He goes on to comment:

"Titan is light and strong - 1300 grams lighter than iron - but hard to work with, though, as it snaps back by nature to the original state, meaning it's not fit for mass production."

Yet, Honda has found the way out of the challenge and now offers a new model in the popular line of sportbikes. Good show, Honda. (Nathan Shiga)

Source: Nikkei

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