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Sota Fujii Stretched Winning Streak to 28 to Tie All-time Record

By June 22, 2017 at 11:52 pm

A historic feat was displayed on June 21 in Osaka as the legendary 14-year-old 4-dan Shogi player, Sota Fujii, won his 28th game of his professional career since his debut in last October to tie the all-time record marked 30 years ago by Hiroshi Kamiya 8-dan.

In his memorable 28th game against Shingo Sawada 6-dan, Sota Fujii demonstrated his now legendary flawless style to outplay his opponent in 99 moves.

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The match started off even in the opening but it took little while for Fujii's offensive moves to force Sawada on the defensive to resign in the 99th move.
Sota Fujii commented following the game:

"Lucky I somehow managed to turn offensive in the early part of the game. I had had a tough time playing with the opponent, and I had my mind made up to do better this time.

"About winning 28 games in a row, I must say I've been lucky or, shall we say, the sun shone on me.

"The next game leads to the Ryu-oh Tournament and I know I'll have to really brace myself up for it."

Director Yasumitsu Sato of the Japan Shogi Association commented on Fujii's feat:

"Even one single win is hard to come by in the world of Shogi; piling up 28 straight wins is itself a grand, unthinkable feat.

"How he keeps up his winning style of Shogi interests us all. It is even possible to see a title holder in his teens.

"Fujii's performance will hopefully cultivate interest in Shogi among young people."

The triple-crown Shogi master Yoshiharu Habu says he is utterly amazed how a teenager has tied the all-time record of Kamiya 8-dan in such a manner as he did.
Hiroshi Kamiya 8-dan comments:

"I thought the day would come someday for my record to be tied up, but never have I dreamed of anyone piling up that many wins right from his debut." (Nathan Shiga)

Source: NHK

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