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Yokozuna Kisenosato Won in Rare Upset in Spring Sumo Tourney

By March 29, 2017 at 4:45 am

The new-crowned Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Kisenosato came from behind to win the Spring Sumo Tournament by beating the front-running Ozeki (Champion) Terunofuji twice in a row. It is Kise's first victory as a Yokozuna and goes down in history as an unforgettable tournament.

Kise had had a winning streak up to Day 12 tailed by Terunofuji at 11-1 till Day 13 when Yokozuna Harumafuji down him with a rapid thrust that injured Kise on his left shoulder. Kise challenged another Yokozuna, Kakuryu, on Day 13 and suffered an easy loss on account of his injured left shoulder.

On Day 15, the final day of the tourney, Kise met Terunofuji with one win behind and miraculously picked up a win he needed to stay in the race for the championship.

Tied up even at 13-2, Kise and Teru met in a playoff amid heated calls pulling for either side. The match turned out to be a gorgeous upset in favor of Kise as his right arm effectively tucked in Teru's left for a powerful kotenage or a forearm throw. It was Kise's second sweep of the grand tournament - a tournament of "my lifetime" as Kise puts it.

Kisenosato told the press the following morning:

"I got up this morning feeling so relieved to have won a memorable tourney. About the injury on my left shoulder, I have to wait for my doctor to comment in detail, but right now it doesn't give me so much pain if left as it is. I think it's all right."

Asked if he thought of dropping out of the race on Day 13, Kise told the press, thus:

"I did what I could that day to look after the injury. I eventually found my left shoulder functioning. So what else could I do but to go on wrestling?"

Good show, Kise - that'a boy. (Nathan Shiba)

Source: NHK

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